A Messy and Unorganized Home

messy unorganized homeWhere as a person with a tidy home tends to have a well put together life, a person with a messy, unorganized home is more likely to have a frazzled life. This observation of cleanliness mirroring a person’s general life management skills and decision making capabilities has been seen in repeated instances. It is very common for people with messy homes to be undisciplined, out of control of their lives and generally bad at time management skills. There are always variations, but generally speaking, this observation holds true more often than not.

Being undisciplined is very common for people with messy, unorganized homes. Cleanliness and good housekeeping requires a fair amount of discipline because it is seldom thought of as fun. It is more of a labor than it is an enjoyable task, so maintaining the motivation to get it done requires a strong sense of discipline. Those who are undisciplined are far more likely to procrastinate housekeeping in order to do something more enjoyable.

Many people are also not brought up to have particularly good life management skills. When someone does not make an effort to keep their home clean, often times it is because they simply do not know how, or if they do know how, they do not know how to prioritize it. This inability to be in control of one’s life is often the underlying cause of poor housekeeping habits. If you cannot control your life, how are you going to control the cleanliness of your home?

And lastly, failing to keep your house clean can simply be a sign of poor time management abilities. People who cannot manage their time well are often misunderstood. They may possess strong organization skills, but due to their inability to fit them into a reasonable amount of time, they forego them in order to complete more essential tasks, such as going to work or being with family.