When a home is organized, there are lots of benefits that come with it. For those who do not have time to keep their home in place, it is not a bad idea to hire professional home keepers that would cater for your home.

There are many ways to keep your home organized and having a good idea on how to start, will ensure progress.

First off, you need to make sure that your plumbing installments are in place.

The reason for this is when there is a dysfunction, the end-result is an unpleasant smell that would feel your home, and make it uncomfortable for dwelling. This is one of the reasons why some people do not find it exciting returning home.

It is because the bad smell has affected their sense of perception and a false story has been told to the reward system of the brain. So, anytime you think of going home, you remember how uncomfortable you feel and then reluctance sets in.

Secondly, another way to keep your home organized is to keep the living room in order. The chairs and all features positioned there must be properly arranged. If you do not know how to go about this, you can reach out to an interior designer who would put you through.

In addition to this, it is important to fumigate your home on a periodic basis. You can make it every six months or how you deem fit. It is vital because you will be eliminating insects and their pupas. This would keep your home fresh and organized.

Once your home is organized and beautiful, it becomes certain that you would always look forward to staying at home.

An organized home has a positive impact on your physical health, mental health and emotional health. Moreso, having one is a proficient way to insure your health against any form of health problems. The brain reacts positively when organization, structure and beauty is in place.


Most people are not aware of the fact that, there are several factors that contribute to a profound mental health. One of which is having a great home that is balanced in all aspects. When a home is referred to as beautiful, it does not involve the physical features alone, it is encompassing.

You can call a home beautiful if it is somewhere you always look forward to after having a stressful day. It is somewhere that enables you to have a great resting time when your stress levels are high.

Do you know that one way to deal with mental health problems is by living in an enabling environment?

Our environment has a lot to say about our mental health and properly structuring it determines how well we would thrive. An individual who gets home from work and is greeted by a breeze of warm and fresh air would surely produce a pleasing effect to the reward levels of his brain.

Most people do not know what they are missing and this is why they do not care really about the state of their home. There are lots of factors to consider when redesigning your home to suit your mental health.

One of these factors is the smell of the home. An observant home owner needs to know the type of fragrance that goes on in the home. Bad fragrance or offensive stench could be as a result of decaying substances in the house that you are not aware of.

Moreso, plumbing systems could be bad and could contribute to bad smells.

This is why some people do not like staying indoors whenever they do not have anywhere to go for the day, because their home is not conducive enough for them to stay.

Anyone who has a beautiful home will rarely suffer depression because the atmosphere that the home presents, makes it enough for the person to feel great.

When your home is beautiful, it allows for an increase in productivity and taking hold of this opportunity could be the most wonderful thing to ever happen to you.


Basically, executive rehab is for top-ranking professionals, owners of businesses, CEOs and the likes, who are struggling with breaking free from addiction. Executive rehab is an exclusive treatment centre for the above mentioned set of people. These days, receiving executive rehab transcends beyond the conventional definition, as it now has to do with more details about the client, and features of the treatment centre which might not be noticeable to a normal individual.

It is a known fact that executive rehab program is more expensive than conventional rehab. Executive rehab facilities are known to give special care alongside with expensive amenities. Attending any of these treatment centres enable professionals to be free from their regular schedule, and also evade some conditions which could induce addiction.

For executive rehab, individuals can decide to register for a programme which suits their schedule. This programme embroils both group and individualized therapy. Also, one benefit of executive rehab, is the fact that they would certainly have professionals who are known to offer the best form of care and support. These set of people are very sensitive to the needs of each patient.

In addition to this, these people who are psychologists and counsellors, are on ground to ensure that individuals suffering from addiction would get to the peak of their recovery. Asides psychologists and counsellors, there are also medical personnel who are available to offer treatment to anyone who shows signs of a critical unpleasant reaction during the process of withdrawal.

Also, executive rehab also offers well prepared meals which are none like no other. These meals are prepared with the best set of ingredient which are in place to ensure that people have excellent eating habits. Nutrition has a pivotal role to play when it comes to the recovery process, and it could help people to keep their sober state in check.

There are also some facilities in place such as gyms, basketball courts and the likes, which are necessary to maintain physical fitness. Executives could also get access to massage and regular housekeeping which would make the stay of an executive very fruitful.

An exclusive care for addicted executives is quintessential to helping the addicts settle down much faster than if they used the conventional addiction rehabilitation.


If you are having stress making sure your house is tidy and in a good and perfect condition, then the solution is to obtain a housekeeper to relieve you of the worries. The reality is that many families and homes have both parents working and combining it with other responsibilities such as cleaning, cooking, washing and even monitoring the activities of the children can be burdensome.

However, if you are financially capable to apply the services of a housekeeper, it is advisable you do so. A housekeeper can help reduce the stress of taking care of your house while you pay attention to other responsibilities. It is important to be aware the range of duties a housekeeper can perform before you hire one.

Firstly, it is necessary to know that a house keeper is slightly different from a home cleaner. Although, they both perform similar activities of cleaning the house but the difference is based on their duration of stay and visit and also the major services they perform while they are in your house. A housekeeper would visit your home more regularly probably twice or three times a week depending on the agreement. Also the tools needed to work would be provided by the owner of the house.

For a bigger and more difficult task, a home cleaner should be hired. Tasks such as deep cleaning and revamping of your house, instances where a house is about to be sold and there is a need for it to be clean and presentable, taking a vacation away from home for a period of time and so on.

There are some specific responsibilities that a house keeper is known for but the duties they perform is dependent on the needs of the house owner. These are some of the responsibilities:

  • Soft cleaning of the living room which includes dusting of the furniture, sweeping and mopping of the floors in all spaces
  • Washing, laundry and ironing of clothes
  • Cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, toilets and the fittings that in them.
  • Removal and disposing of garbage and dirt for recycling
  • Running of errands such as to the grocery store, collection of clothes from the dry cleaner, dropping of mail
  • Cooking meals

The cost of acquiring a housekeeper is not fixed as it can vary depending on the expertise of the housekeeper. However, the services of a housekeeper would most likely be less expensive than that of a home cleaner.

Different Housekeeping Philosophies

philosophy housekeeping

Everyone has a different style of housekeeping, and everyone’s style is strongly connected to their personal housekeeping philosophy. Some people believe that cleaning is an every day task that they should not fall behind on, while others view cleaning as an actual chore and spread out their cleaning sessions more liberally. Neither way is right or wrong, so long as the home stays sanitary and functional. Below are descriptions of three basic housekeeping philosophies:

  • The Constant Cleaner. The first type of cleaner is the constant cleaner, who is perpetually cleaning. This type of person often cleans as much out of enjoyment as out of responsibility. They have immaculately clean homes and they pride themselves on their good housekeeping. This person’s cleaning philosophy is to clean anytime something is unclean and needs attention. Cleaning is a very high priority for them and there is little that can prevent them from immediately cleaning something that does not meet their standards of cleanliness.
  • The Regular Cleaner. The average person is a regular cleaner. This is considered to be the most balanced philosophy of cleaning. This housekeeping style enables a person to keep their home clean but to not be absorbed in cleaning. If cleaning is a genuine passion and hobby for a person, then doing it regularly is not unhealthy behavior, but if a person has other interests they need a considerable amount of time for, knowing when to forego cleaning can be very important.
  • The Sporadic Cleaner. The opposite of the constant cleaner, the sporadic cleaner is one who does not enjoy cleaning or has an overfull schedule that barely permits it. More often than not, the sporadic cleaner only does the bare minimum in cleaning, and detail cleans only out of absolute necessity. The sporadic cleaner’s living environment usually remains sanitary, though the constant cleaner might disagree. Their level of cleanliness is socially acceptable, but undoubtedly at the lesser end of the spectrum.

A Clean and Organized Home

clean organized homeNot everyone has the ability to maintain a clean, organized home at all times, but those who are known for their good housekeeping skills are likely to be a particular type of person. That is to say, you can tell a lot about a person by their housekeeping skills. Those who maintain organized, neat homes are statistically more likely to be punctual, successful A-types. This is more a likelihood than a rule, but tends to be a fairly reliable one. Good housekeepers are more likely to have their lives under control, have good time management skills and be successful, effective people.

It is likely that if someone has the cleanliness and organization of their home under control, they also have the rest of their life under control. A person’s cleaning habits are frequently a reflection of their life management abilities. People with messy homes tend to lead messy lives while people with clean homes tend to lead responsible lives. A person’s level of organization is a key attribute of their personality and they will tend to apply it to their personal space the way they apply it to the rest of their lives.

Good time management is integral to good housekeeping. One universal rule about housekeeping is that it is time consuming. It cannot be accomplished by someone who does not intelligently plan their time. It has been observed that anyone who is responsible about their routine housekeeping is also an avid time manager. Those who live their lives by a clock very consistently have well-cared for homes.

Another trend between good housekeeping and personality types is that good housekeepers are more often than not successful, effective people. They have managed to have career success, are financially responsible and make good investments. They have good reputations in their peer circles and are generally valued employees and respected members of their communities. Good housekeeping skills are a sign of a respectable person.

A Messy and Unorganized Home

messy unorganized homeWhere as a person with a tidy home tends to have a well put together life, a person with a messy, unorganized home is more likely to have a frazzled life. This observation of cleanliness mirroring a person’s general life management skills and decision making capabilities has been seen in repeated instances. It is very common for people with messy homes to be undisciplined, out of control of their lives and generally bad at time management skills. There are always variations, but generally speaking, this observation holds true more often than not.

Being undisciplined is very common for people with messy, unorganized homes. Cleanliness and good housekeeping requires a fair amount of discipline because it is seldom thought of as fun. It is more of a labor than it is an enjoyable task, so maintaining the motivation to get it done requires a strong sense of discipline. Those who are undisciplined are far more likely to procrastinate housekeeping in order to do something more enjoyable.

Many people are also not brought up to have particularly good life management skills. When someone does not make an effort to keep their home clean, often times it is because they simply do not know how, or if they do know how, they do not know how to prioritize it. This inability to be in control of one’s life is often the underlying cause of poor housekeeping habits. If you cannot control your life, how are you going to control the cleanliness of your home?

And lastly, failing to keep your house clean can simply be a sign of poor time management abilities. People who cannot manage their time well are often misunderstood. They may possess strong organization skills, but due to their inability to fit them into a reasonable amount of time, they forego them in order to complete more essential tasks, such as going to work or being with family.

Change Your Housekeeping Habits

housekeeping habitsA person’s housekeeping habits can say a lot about them, and every person’s housekeeping habits are as individual as they are. It is not common for people to naturally have perfect housekeeping habits. Most people have some strong housekeeping tendencies and some that they have completely neglected. It is important to your mental health and maturity to become aware of which housekeeping habits you are lacking in and improve them. This will strengthen your personal character and the appeal of your home.

In order to be objective about your housekeeping abilities and figure out what you need to improve on, take a critical look at your living space and determine what your strengths and weaknesses are. Are you a person who tends to tidy up but who puts off detail cleaning? Or are you meticulous about cleaning dirt and grime but unorganized about where belongings go? Perhaps your cleaning trends are not black and white but somewhat random, for example, you enjoy doing dishes but hate doing laundry. Write down the areas you need to improve on and make a plan to better your housekeeping habits.

Altering the way you keep your house is not cut and dried. Our housekeeping habits are often deeply ingrained within us and not easily uprooted. Some people need some outside perspective in order to effectively change their housekeeping habits. There are a number of services available that can assist you in strengthening your housekeeping skills. You can get cleaning ideas and solutions from local cleaning services who will come to your home. There are home organization experts for hire who can teach you excellent home organization methods. And if your poor housekeeping is simply attributed to bad time management, a life coach or counselor can help you become the level of organized you are striving for. Take the first step in learning to meet your housekeeping goals today!

Clean vs. Dirty

clean dirty home mental stateMost everyone has a goal of keeping their living space clean and picked up, but not everyone knows how to meet that goal. Some of us regularly have clean homes while others struggle with meeting this responsibility. Did you know that the state of your home can actually say something about your mental state? Psychologists and mental health experts have found associations between mental hardships and uncleanliness in the home environment.

We all know people who seemingly have the energy to do it all: live social lives of purpose and activity, all the while keeping their homes impeccably clean. We think of them as charmed, but in reality, this type of person is statistically more likely to be mentally balanced. Studies show that those who maintain a clean and organized home are more likely to be confident, level-headed, mentally stable, in control and have good time and life management skills.

On the flip side, there are those who cannot seem to keep a clean home, regardless of their life circumstances. In busy times or in peaceful times, their home looks like a disaster area. There are many factors that may contribute to a messy home, but statistically speaking, those who live in squalor are more likely to be out of control, undisciplined, mentally unstable and have poor time and life management skills. The possibility that this type of person lives with a mental illness or an addiction problem is also very real.

The moral is, if you have bad housekeeping habits and you identify with the statistical qualities of others who have bad housekeeping habits, you would be wise to change your ways. You do not have to do this alone. There are a number of professional services available to help you, including life coaching, cleanliness and organization coaching, counseling, mental health evaluations, rehabilitation and addiction counseling. Whatever is holding you back from having a clean house can be beaten with care and devotion.

Getting Rid of Clutter

clutter and junk removalNothing will wreck your peace of mind and the organization of your home faster than clutter. Clutter is the excessive build up of unnecessary items. In your home, clutter may look like knick-knacks, garbage and items that belong in a garage sale, large and small. Many people do not realize that clutter has a detrimental effect on a person’s mental space as well as their physical space. Clutter makes you feel out of control, lost in your own home and chaotic. The best thing you can do for your home in order to create organization and control is to get rid of clutter and junk that you do not need.

There are several ways you can reduce the amount of clutter and junk you have in your home. If you like do-it-yourself projects, you can set aside time to decide once and for all what items you are keeping and which you are getting rid of to suit the space you occupy. If you would prefer help, there are professional home organization services and junk removal services available throughout North America. Home organization services will go through your house one room at a time to help you determine what items should be kept, what items should be discarded and how to organize the items you are keeping. A junk removal service will come to your home to pick up the large items you no longer need.

In the United States and in Canada, there are many professional organizations you can turn to for help in bringing your clutter under control. In the United States, home organization companies are all the rage in urban areas. In Canada, Montreal, Vancouver and Okanagan junk removal services are offered to the many people who are rethinking how full they want their homes to be. If you are tired of constantly being overwhelmed by clutter, do not let it get the best of you. Get in touch with a professional home organizer or a junk removal service that can free up the space in your house.