If you are having stress making sure your house is tidy and in a good and perfect condition, then the solution is to obtain a housekeeper to relieve you of the worries. The reality is that many families and homes have both parents working and combining it with other responsibilities such as cleaning, cooking, washing and even monitoring the activities of the children can be burdensome.

However, if you are financially capable to apply the services of a housekeeper, it is advisable you do so. A housekeeper can help reduce the stress of taking care of your house while you pay attention to other responsibilities. It is important to be aware the range of duties a housekeeper can perform before you hire one.

Firstly, it is necessary to know that a house keeper is slightly different from a home cleaner. Although, they both perform similar activities of cleaning the house but the difference is based on their duration of stay and visit and also the major services they perform while they are in your house. A housekeeper would visit your home more regularly probably twice or three times a week depending on the agreement. Also the tools needed to work would be provided by the owner of the house.

For a bigger and more difficult task, a home cleaner should be hired. Tasks such as deep cleaning and revamping of your house, instances where a house is about to be sold and there is a need for it to be clean and presentable, taking a vacation away from home for a period of time and so on.

There are some specific responsibilities that a house keeper is known for but the duties they perform is dependent on the needs of the house owner. These are some of the responsibilities:

  • Soft cleaning of the living room which includes dusting of the furniture, sweeping and mopping of the floors in all spaces
  • Washing, laundry and ironing of clothes
  • Cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, toilets and the fittings that in them.
  • Removal and disposing of garbage and dirt for recycling
  • Running of errands such as to the grocery store, collection of clothes from the dry cleaner, dropping of mail
  • Cooking meals

The cost of acquiring a housekeeper is not fixed as it can vary depending on the expertise of the housekeeper. However, the services of a housekeeper would most likely be less expensive than that of a home cleaner.