A Clean and Organized Home

clean organized homeNot everyone has the ability to maintain a clean, organized home at all times, but those who are known for their good housekeeping skills are likely to be a particular type of person. That is to say, you can tell a lot about a person by their housekeeping skills. Those who maintain organized, neat homes are statistically more likely to be punctual, successful A-types. This is more a likelihood than a rule, but tends to be a fairly reliable one. Good housekeepers are more likely to have their lives under control, have good time management skills and be successful, effective people.

It is likely that if someone has the cleanliness and organization of their home under control, they also have the rest of their life under control. A person’s cleaning habits are frequently a reflection of their life management abilities. People with messy homes tend to lead messy lives while people with clean homes tend to lead responsible lives. A person’s level of organization is a key attribute of their personality and they will tend to apply it to their personal space the way they apply it to the rest of their lives.

Good time management is integral to good housekeeping. One universal rule about housekeeping is that it is time consuming. It cannot be accomplished by someone who does not intelligently plan their time. It has been observed that anyone who is responsible about their routine housekeeping is also an avid time manager. Those who live their lives by a clock very consistently have well-cared for homes.

Another trend between good housekeeping and personality types is that good housekeepers are more often than not successful, effective people. They have managed to have career success, are financially responsible and make good investments. They have good reputations in their peer circles and are generally valued employees and respected members of their communities. Good housekeeping skills are a sign of a respectable person.